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Introduction to pressurized buffer tanks
P.E.D. tested autoclaves - AC Series
P.E.D. tested pressurized air tanks
P.E.D. tested high pressure tanks - 16 bar / 18 bar / 20 bar / 25 bar / 30 bar / 35 bar / 64 bar
P.E.D. tested expansion vessels
P.E.D. tested steam accumulator tanks
P.E.D. tested heat-transmitting oil expansion vessels

P.E.D. tested autoclaves 6 bar / 8 bar / 12 bar

P.E.D. tested autoclaves 6 bar / 8 bar / 12 bar Fiorini autoclaves are designed for lifting and distributing water under pressure, are intended to be a lung of pressurized water which, if properly sized, serves to limit the starts of the pump. Are used to ensure perfect water distribution in the upper floors of buildings making up the deficiencies of water aqueducts.
The tanks are made of carbon steel sheet, welded with automatic processes, and can later be protected against corrosion with a galvanized coating, suitable for contact with water intended for human consumption according to DM 21.03.73 or externally painted. All models are equipped as standard with CE certification and instructions; models up to 1000 liters are supplied complete with pressure gauge and safety valve (6,8 bar versions). All standard models are available in the vertical and horizontal versions, 6, 8, 12 bar.

• Used to maintain a constant pressure
• Used as anti water hammer
• Operating temperature -10°C to + 50°C
Possible protective treatments
• Galvanizing (UNI EN1179)
• Anti rust external painting
• Teflon internal coating
Possible external coating
• Closedcell elastomeric foam with coloured PVC
• Closedcell elastomeric foam coat with aluminium sheet
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