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With tube bundle heat exchanger - BOIL INOX Series

With tube bundle heat exchanger  - BOIL INOX Series
Water heater with tube bundle heat exchanger for domestic
hot water production complete with very thick insulation,
external red PVC coating, magnesium anode for protection
against galvanic currents.

Storage tank body: AISI 316T stainless steel
Tube bundle heat exchanger: AISI 316 stainless steel
Heat exchanger head: hot-galvanized ST 235 JR carbon steel
Internal protection treatment 
Pickling and passivation
200 to 300 liters: 50mm-thick flexible polyurethane removable
800 to 1500 liters: 100mm-thick flexible polyurethane removable
Tube bundle for steam or superheated water, external plate heat exchanger kit, thermometer, thermostat, impressed current electronic anode, electrical heater.

Special Executions
Special executions available on
request, including: customized
dimensions, flanged couplings,
customized couplings, thicker
insulation, high-thickness
aluminium coating, etc. 
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