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Brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers The brazed plate heat exchangers (P series) are used in heating, cooling and heat recuperation systems. The quality of the parts and the brazing process, which is carried out with care, make a trustworthy product. The plate design makes it possible to reach higher heat exchange performances and lower pressure loss. Moreover, the product has also an elevated resistance to high temperatures and pressure ( T max 195°C, P max 30 bar).
Our brazed plate heat exchangers can be used with many kinds of fluids in various combinations (ex: water/water, water/oil, water/steam, steam/oil, Freon/water, etc.)
  • compact design
  • reasonable weight
  • high heat exchange efficiency
  • high temperature range (-160/+ 195 °C)
  • high max operating pressure (30 bar)
Main applications
  • heating/cooling of technical water or industrial fluids
  • evaporation and condensation of refrigerant gas
  • hydraulic separation of the circuit
  • heat recuperation in domestic applications and industrial processes
  • functioning with a wide range of compatible fluids
  • mechanical and chemical resistance of the materials
Technical Data

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