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Insulation The insulated tanks can be manufactured with two different types of insulating material on the outside. Both have an anti-condensate function.

Rigid foam
This insulation is made from a layer of polyurethane foam which envelops the whole tank. This solution prevents every thermal bridge with the exterior and guarantees excellent performance. It is available for vertical tanks, cannot be supplied separately and cannot be removed. The exterior is finished in coloured PVC. The insulation has a special design which makes it possible to channel the air towards the outside and to fix the tank to the ground. 

Closed cell elastomeric insulation
Tanks with a volume of more than a 1000l and special models, horizontal or in galvanized steel, are insulated with closed cell elastomeric foam which is stuck to the surface of the tank. This prevents condense formation. This type of insulation cannot be removed. The external finishing is in coloured PVC.
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