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IANUS SYSTEM Ianus: The latest green technology generation

IANUS is an autonomous system combining a geothermal heat pump with hybrid photovoltaic thermal panels. It provides house heating, cooling and domestic hot water production using the electrical power generated.
The IANUS system transforms free and renewable air and solar energy into the thermal and electric power needed by the housing unit. IANUS makes the most out of available renewable energy with no need for any fossil fuel, and without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

What does “hybrid system” mean?

Hybrid PV/T collectors transform part of the absorbed solar radiation into electric power and transfer to the heat pump the thermal energy generated by radiation and by the electric power produced.
Two important benefits are therefore obtained:
- the conditions for the efficient operation of the heat pump are created (high COP), as the pump receives the necessary electric and thermal energy from PV/T collectors;
- PV cell operating temperature is reduced, thus increasing kWh production by up to 30%.

The system components’ operation is coordinated and maximized by Galileus software, which creates the right conditions for high comfort and a simple use of technology.
In case of frost or ice formation on the front side of the PV/T panel that would cause an interruption in electricity production, the system automatically remove them by shortly reversing the refrigeration cycle and heating the glass surface.
The system ensures the same level of comfort with high performances even in case of snow, ice or frost. It improves power production efficiency by heating the panel surface in the most cost-effective way and making it run in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of the IANUS system

- Thermal and electrical energy from the same solar panel
- Improved use of panel absorbing surface area
- Increased PV yield through cell cooling
- Reduced material and installation costs
- Autonomous electric power generation
- Use of state incentives feed-in tariff + tax relief
- Use of reduced rate meter for the heat pump, resulting in improved energy consumption balance

Main components of the IANUS system are:

- Heat pump for heating, cooling and DHW production
- Hybrid PV/T panels
- Plant storage tank
- FREE HEATING kit containing a plate heat exchanger, 3-way deviation valve and circulation pump; it heats DHW under sufficient solar radiation conditions without activating the heat pump compressor
- Dry cooler: is used during summer to dissipate excess heat from the heat pump and the PV/T panels
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