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REGTD2 The REGTD2 differential control unit allows effi cient control of the solar or heating plant. The control unit is practical and  simple to use, with an easy-tounderstand menu. The control unit menu has keywords for the settings and values measured, as well as help messages and graphics. The REGTD2 can be used as a differential control unit for various plant setups.

Description of graphics and messages on display
Simple control of the current values measured
Analysis and monitoring of the system with statistical graphics, etc.
Generous settings menu with instructions
Menu block that can be activated to prevent modifications
Reset function for previous values or manufacturer’s settings
Start-up assistant
1 x variable speed relay output
1 x standard relay output
3 x PT1000 probe inputs
Energy balance, temperature, etc.
Antilegionella function
Operating hours counter
Graphic overview
Error messages
Antiblocking, anti-icing and solar protection function
Date and time
Fast display of service values
Possibility of selecting various interface languages
Installation and start-up instructions in Italian and German
3 PT1000 temperature probes
Technical Data

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