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High recovery water heaters - GP

High recovery water heaters - GP The GP model offers high output burners which cater for all commercial and industrial demands. It is recommended when very large quantities of hot water are needed.

The GP series can be installed singularly or in multiples should the application require larger peak demands. It is fittedwith an electrovalve, double thermostats with graduated scale and stainless steel all-gas burners with pilot flame, whilst functioning is controlled by a thermocouple.
It can be connected to a BMS panel or time control without needing a separate solenoid valve. With the built-in control thermostat and hi-limit stat the GP is a fully independent and packaged water heater. Safety is the essence of a HEIZER product, an example of this is the DCF flue spillage sensor, which interrupts the gas flow to the burner in case of exhaust or combustion leakage. The DCF will cut the gas supply to the water heater thus eliminating the danger to occupants of the building.

The magnesium anodes are easily accessible and are an effective cathodic protection
against corrosion. The up-rated GP series ensures a high continuous output whilst maintaining high efficiency.
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